• Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley at the historic San Jose downtown, Quantum Ventura Inc is in the business of creating innovative & groundbreaking systems and technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, AI/ML Verification & Validation, Cybersecurity, Secure Mobile technology ( Diamond Droid ) and HPC-driven Big Data Analytics.


    Quantum Ventura's R&D division, "QuantumX Research Labs" undertakes R&D services in providing advanced technology solutions to federal agencies, and corporations throughout the US. We excel in developing concepts into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions.


    We design creative solutions and build unique products for challenging problems with complete end-to-end solutions, components, and unsurpassed technical expertise.


    Smart engineering * Creative solutions * Killer results


    Quantum Ventura Inc is essentially a technology innovation company with a single mission of delivering customer-centric advanced solutions to US Federal & State Governments and Private Sector customers.


    Our Core offerings:


    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning: We specialize in developing tools and applications using CNN, RNN, Reinforcement Learning, Denoising Auto-encoders, Generative Adversarial Networks(GAN) and Bayesian Anomaly Detection Algorithms in the areas of cyber-security, Automated Vehicle Tracking, Real-time Video Analytics, Sensor Fusion, Cognitive Computing, Synthetic Data Generation and other Computer-Vision driven applications.

    AI/ML Verification & Validation (V&V) of applications: By leveraging open-source tools and frameworks, our AI verification & validation tools will identify areas of concern, exceptions, red flags & vulnerable areas and provide remedial action for each application. By utilizing our Risk Framework, Assumption and Safety Violation framework, we will generate a Certificate of Robustness (COR) as the final outcome. Our tools will have 3 components DNN Toolkit, Bayesian Uncertainty Modeling and Probabilistic Verifier covering CNN. Once the AI/ML application goes into production, our Intelligent Run-time Agent (IRA) will provide 24 x7 monitoring to evaluate the production system and provide protective measures and insights. Our V&V tools will be available both as a service and as an installable product.


    QuantumX Research Labs: Our core R&D areas include Advanced Machine Learning, AI/ML Verification & Validation (V&V) Tools, Neuromorphic Computing, Linux-kernel based software tools, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Quantum Computing and Sensor Systems.


    Cyber Security: ‣ Red & Blue Team Services ‣ Dark Web & Cyber Monitoring ‣ Penetration Testing


    Secure Mobile Technology: Diamond-Droid - We have recently launched a groundbreaking Android kernel-based secure mobile technology, "Diamond-Droid". For further details, refer below.



    Our Current Federally-Funded Research Projects as the Prime Contractor:


    AI/ML/ Hyperspectral Imaging/ Neuromorphic/ Cybersecurity related topics:


    DARPA: "AI Verification with provable guarantees" using advanced AI verification tools.

    Partner: NC State University


    Navy Air Warfare: "Certification of AI Systems - CORSI" using Advanced AI to certify AI/ML applications. (Phase 1 and Phase 2 SBIRs)

    Partner: Lockheed Martin.


    Missile Defense Agency: "Hypersonic Threat Detection" using bio-inspired processing, neuromorphic computing and Advanced AI. (Phase 1 STTR)

    Partners: University of Florida and Lockheed Martin.


    Navy Air Warfare: "Detection of UAVs and rogue drones using hyperspectral Imaging" (SBIR Phase 1).

    Partners: Bodkin Imaging and Lockheed


    Navy Air Warfare: "Vulnerability detection of source code using advanced AI/ML" - SBIR Phase 1


    Homeland Security: "Opioid/contraband detection using hyperspectral imaging" - SBIR Phase 1


    Department of Energy: "Cyber threat-detection using neuromorphic computing" - SBIR Phase 1



    DOE-funded E-RECOV technology to extract precious metals and rare earth minerals:


    "Quantum Ventura's E-RECOV technology nominated for World Materials Forum Scale-up!"


    Department of Energy: "Extraction of precious metals and rare earth minerals from electronic waste", a high-priority project for DOE/DOD needs.

    Partner: Idaho National Labs (a DOE-funded FFRDC)


    In collaboration with Idaho National Labs (INL), a federally funded research institution and Colt Refining & Recycling Inc, Quantum Ventura Inc has been selected for the STTR Phase 2 award from the Department of Energy.


    During Phase 2, we are building a 7kg/day E-RECOV prototype plant and extract precious metals and rare-earths from e-waste. E-RECOV technology recovers more metal from waste electronics such as cell phones, hard disks etc, reduces chemical reagent use and lessens the toxicity of remaining materials. E-RECOV is 30% cheaper than conventional recovery technologies. E-RECOV extracts both precious metals and other metals. In addition, it extracts valuable and nationally critical rare-earth metals that are currently vulnerable to supply disruptions. The supply disruption of rare-earth minerals, which have a limited supply within the US would be a devastating blow to the US economy.


  • Quantum x/Diamond-Droid

    QuantumX is a product offered by Quantum Ventura that utilizes the Diamond-Droid technology

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  • Introducing Diamond-Droid

    Owned and licensed by Diamondbay Technologies Inc, Diamond-Droid is one of the world's most secure and hardened Android Kernel for unsurpassed mobile security

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    Robust Kernel Security

    For Android and IOT Devices

    Currently, there are no robust kernel level military grade security protection available for android based devices including IOT which can prevent sensitive data leaks. Application level and file folder level policy frameworks are attack-prone.

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    Kernel-resident Framework

    Offers highest levels of Security

    Our path-breaking kernel based security framework built around a modified, hardened Linux kernel, offers one of the highest possible levels of security for any android device. Our kernel resident security software framework" Diamond-Droid", can safely and securely intercept, deceive and defeat any "prohibited" event at the system level. Any number of such "Prohibited event filters" can be programmed and added as a loadable kernel module (LKM) with trust verification.

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    System Architecture

     Fused Deep inside the Kernel

    The Core Diamond-Droid Kernel Filter mechanism is fused deep inside the modified Android/ Linux kernel and is hard to reach by any hacker. Several checks and balances are incorporated in the patented software which keeps a continuous watch on the kernel files.


    Diamond-Droid is securely installed in the modified android kernel of every mobile phone. Diamond-Droid filters provide the power and flexibility to be customized for the unique needs of the user.

  • QuantumX Technology/Diamond-DROID Platforms & USE-cases

    Most of the solutions offered today are Application Level and File Folder Level policy frameworks that are easily compromised by an experienced hacker. QuantumX is not an Application-Layer-Based program, it resides inside the Android/Linux Kernel which is beyond the reach of a user.

    Diamond-Droid will run on the following platforms/devices:


    Any mobile phone running Android


    •Android / Linux based embedded devices including IOT devices. (changes will be implemented and tested by OEM vendors)


    •Android smart watches


    •IOT devices


    •All Linux based devices that need security

    Our Target Clients


    Government Sector: Department of Defense , Department of Homeland Security and other Government agencies where data protection and privacy issues are of paramount importance.


    Corporate Sector: Corporate users who are concerned about data protection and prevention of IP theft and sensitive corporate data.


    Any OEM hardware device that runs on Android/Linux


    Mobile Payment Processors - We can convert a mobile phone into a Secure Payment Terminal which is a huge market.


    •Android Wearable Device Vendors


    •Android power-users who want to secure their Android Phones


    •IOT manufacturers and IOT developers


    Sample Use Cases


    •i) Deny access to a specific high security or sensitive file, or even a specific piece of data record within the file;

    •ii) Alert the user if data attempts to leave the device through the network interface;

    •iii) Alter the return value by returning fake/empty data or some junk data fooling the hacker;

    •iv) Trigger a warning email or pop up when there is a biometric verification query;

    •v) Send "watch out" messages to administrators remotely or perform additional control functions on the cloud;


    The list is endless and any type of restrictive functions can be programmed.


    In short, Droid Kernel Filters are similar to real-time Security Agents which can be programmed to do specific security control functions but these Security filters are at the most secure kernel level with significant checks and balances.


    •Moreover, Droid Kernel Filters can provide the same level of security that other technologies currently provide. We will have all the benefits of an open OS like Android yet provide the highest level security.


    Quantum Ventura Inc is a certified SBA 8(a), HubZone and DOT company. In addition, we have several state-level certifications.


    NAICS Codes: 519130, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 518210, 561330, 561621, 611420, 611430, 541611, 561320, 541690,541370

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    SBA 8(A)

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    US Dept of Transportation

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    California State Small Business 

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    National Minority Development Council

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    City of Los Angeles


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    srini vasan picture ,  president, quantum ventura inc

    Srini Vasan 

    President & CEO

    Srini Vasan is a software entrepreneur with specialization in databases, ERP, Big Data, General Management, Social Media Analytics and Digital Marketing.


    Aiming to derive valuable insights, he is currently involved in very large scale data analytics, data harvesting and open data projects like 800 million voter data in India, SEC database real-time data, US public school systems, Medicare/ Medicaid/ health insurance data and health systems data in 50 states.


    As a SAP expert, he had implemented very large global SAP clients. He had sold his earlier publicly held IT companies to other public companies.Besides developing Big data start-ups, he is also advising other start-ups. He is a qualified Cost Accountant with Degrees in Math and Management degree from MIT Sloan School, Boston. He is a relentless networker and technologist with a keen eye on future. He sees limitless potential for positive change and runs a 501c3, Global Help for all Inc.

    Stephen Bradley picture  harvard business school

    Prof.Stephen Bradley, Harvard Business School 

    Advisory Board Chairman

    Prof. Stephen Bradley is a William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School.

    One of the foremost strategists and a visonary, Prof Bradley teaches in flagship HBS programs like Owner President Management Program (OPM), Strategy: Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage and Designing and Executing Strategy. He was a former editorial board member of Harvard Business Review.


    He serves as a member of the board of directors of CIENA Corporation, Transatlantic Reinsurance Company, the Risk Management Foundation, Inc. and Zuma360 Software, Inc. as well as on several advisory boards of nonpublic companies. He had served in the past with companies like i2 Technologies, Inc., Roadmaster Industries, Inc.

    Professor Bradley received his BE in Electrical Engineering from Yale University and his MS and PhD in Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.



    joel mills picture global help for all  quantum ventura inc

    Aaron Goldberg

    Vice President

    For the past 15 years, Aaron Goldberg has been a freelance consultant working in Business Development, Strategic Partnerships and Sales & Marketing for ‘boot-strap’ start-ups of $1mm budgets or less.


    Currently based in Silicon Valley, Goldberg is involved in multiple high-budget Technology Development Initiatives, enterprise-scale Customized Software Sales and Commodities Procurement, Refining & Brokerage.

    howard messer picture CFO Quantum ventura inc

    Howard Messer

    Director & Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Howard J. Messer, CPA, is Chief Financial Officer at Zuma360 Software, Inc.and a Member at The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and a Member at New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants.

    Mr. Messer was previously employed as Audit Manager by Arthur Andersen LLP, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President by Compuflex Systems, Inc.

    He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia

    Andy Lippman, MIT Media Labs

    Andrew Lippman

    Advisory Board Member

    Founding Associate Director, MIT Media Labs


    Andrew Lippman has a more than 35-year history at MIT.He has spent his entire learning and teaching career at MIT.


    Lippman received both his BS and MS in electrical engineering from MIT. In 1995 he completed his PhD studies at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.


    His work at the Media Lab has ranged from wearable computers to global digital television. Currently, he heads the Media Lab's Viral Communications research group, which examines scalable, real-time networks whose capacity increases with the number of members. Lippman has directed research programs on digital pictures, personal computers, entertainment, and graphics, and he has served on advisory boards of technology start-ups. He has testified at Congressional Committees on communications.


    A prolific writer and speaker, Andy had made presentations throughout the world on the future of information and its commercial and social impact.

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    Prof.Raghunath S.

    Advisory Board Member

    Dean (Admin) & Prof. of Corporate Strategy and Policy at IIM, Bangalore


    Dr. S Raghunath (Post Doctoral Fellow at Stanford University) is Dean (Admin) and Professor of Corporate Strategy and Policy at IIM Bangalore. Prof. Raghunath specializes in Strategic Alliances and Strategic Leadership and has taught in areas including Alliance Management, Strategic Networks and Corporate Strategy and leads IIMB executive programmes.


    He was also a Visiting Professor at INSEAD, France; HEC Paris; EuroMed, Marseilles; University of Buckingham, UK; RMIT School of Business; Melbourne, Australia.



    He was a strategy consultant for companies such as Cypress Semiconductors Inc., Harris Semiconductors, Intel, Motorola, MIPS, Amex, General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Essar, HP, Metro Cash & Carry, Wipro,SAIL, TataSteel & Volvo. A registered Consultant with UNDP, New York, Prof. Raghunath has been extensively quoted in the media.



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    Prof.Janakiram D

    Advisory Board Member

    Prof.Janakiram, Department of Computer Science, IIT Madras where he heads and coordinates the research activities of the Distributed and Object Systems Lab, Yahoo! Grid Lab IIT Madras, involving Big Data and Cloud Computing.


    Some of the cutting-edge technologies managed by Prof. Janakiram at the Yahoo Grid Labs include Cloud Bursting (for Xerox Corp), Generate MapReduce, Skew Handling in MapReduce, Improving Genetic Algorithms.


    His current research focus is on building large scale software systems focusing on distributed systems especially cloud and grid computing systems and challenges in big data processing.


    He is also the founding Chair of ACM Chennai Chapter. He was awarded the Boyscast Fellowship in 1997. He was awarded the IBM Faculty Award in 2007 and Yahoo Faculty Grant in 2009.


    His book on Grid Computing has been brought out by Tata McGraw Hill Publishers. His book on building large scale software systems is published in 2013 by Tata McGraw Hill publishers.


    Prof. Janakiram obtained his Phd from IIT, Delhi.



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    Joel Mills

    Chief Creative Officer

    Joel has more than 2 decades of experience in General Management, marketing, public relations, education, film, green technologies and satellite-television distribution.


    Joel currently specializes in building community platforms, social education, non-profits, global peace and internet based education technologies.



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